Episode 260

The Hardest Verse in the Bible?! (A look at Mark 13:32)

In this episode of Truthspresso I look at one passage deemed the hardest verse to explain from an article addressed to Christian writers:

Why did Jesus say He didn't know the day or hour of His return? If He's God incarnate, wouldn't He know this?

We look at four explanations and evaluate which one (or two) are the most likely.

Sources Consulted:

Dr. Henderson Ward, "The Most Difficult Verse in the Bible," FaithWriters, March 19, 2013.

"Ancient Jewish Wedding Customs and their Symbolic Parallels relative to the Church (The Bride of Jesus Christ)," Focus On Jerusalem, Accessed September 6, 2023.

"Ancient Jewish Wedding Customs and Yeshua’s Second Coming," MessianicBible.com, Accessed September 6, 2023.

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