Episode 158

Is Jesus Like Doctor Octopus? (part 1)

We are continuing a series of episodes comparing Jesus to superheroes. This series will tackle wrong ideas about Jesus from church history in chronological order. A superhero will represent each of these ideas.

This is part 1 of 2 of "Is Jesus Like Doctor Octopus?"

Who is Doctor Octopus?

How are Jesus and Doctor Octopus similar?

  1. They both seemingly have a distinct human and "divine" nature.
  2. They are both a single person.

How are Jesus and Doctor Octopus different?

  1. Doctor Octopus has only one active will: the will of the super arms.
  2. Jesus has both an active human will and an active divine will.

Are there Scriptures that show the two wills of Jesus?

  1. Jesus had the same divine will with the Father (Joh 5:17-23, see v.19)
  2. Jesus had a distinct human will from the divine will of the Father (Mat 26:38-39; Heb 10:7-9)
  3. God cannot be tempted, but man can be (Jas 1:13-16)
  4. The Son was incarnate so that He can be tempted as a human (Heb 2:16-18)

Scriptures Cited:

John 5:17-23

Matthew 26:38-39

Hebrews 10:7-9

James 1:13-16

Hebrews 2:16-18


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