Episode 2

Five Tips Before Going to College

As someone who has been to college himself--undergraduate and master's degree--I provide tips to heed before going to college. These tips are especially helpful for high school students, but parents especially should consider these and be informed about the role of college for late millennials and generation Z kids.

Here are my five tips that I will explain in this first episode of Truthspresso:

  1. Avoid the propaganda
  2. Are such inspirational statements as "Follow your dreams and the money will follow" good advice?
  3. Look before you leap
  4. Consider the cost of college and weigh it against your expected returns.
  5. Make sure you have enough time to take a deep breath and think about what you are doing before diving into the deep end.
  6. Examine your options
  7. Are all college majors equal? Are all colleges equal? What about community colleges? Local or out-of-state?
  8. Consider working a few years ahead of time
  9. If you need time to thing, consider earning some money while you plan.
  10. Consider non-college career options
  11. There may be some good ways to prepare for a profitable career that do not require a college degree.











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