Three Reasons for Truthspresso

In this episode to introduce Truthspresso, I mention who I am and why I decided to start this podcast.

I provide three reasons for starting Truthspresso:

  1. Podcasting is cool and "where it's at."
  2. Statistics about podcasting listening for 2019 compel me to join all the cool podcasting kids.
  3. I want to provide good, clean, family-friendly content.
  4. Too many podcasts like to embellish on mindless profanity. Sometimes it's hard to separate sources of information and entertainment from bad language or lewd comments. I want the widest possible audience!
  5. I want to tackle challenging topics and make them palatable.
  6. I plan to address various topics in politics, personal improvement, and religion. My viewpoints will be clear on each of these, but I will strive to be "kind, but extremely firm" (like Mary Poppins) :)

Articles cited in this episode:

"2019 Podcast Stats & Facts (New Research From June 2019)"



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