Episode 299

Manhattan Madness: The New York Trump Trial (part 2)

May 30, 2024 is a day that will live in infamy! Donald Trump became the first former President of the United States to be brought to court on felony charges and have a jury reach a verdict of guilty. Not to mention that this happened while he is currently running for President again and is the highest polling candidate.

The ripple effects of this historical day will be felt indefinitely. The debates will rage over whether or not this was justice or merely political lawfare.

In part 2, we observe the controversies around Judge Merchan and his daughter as well as Matthew Colangelo. We then look at the pre-trial events from Trump's arraignment to the beginning of the trial, including motions to dismiss and gag orders. We also see a bit of the jury selection process and what the 12 primary jurors could have told us about what the likely verdict would be.

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