Episode 296

The Only "Tax" Government Wants to "Repeal"

We have heard the saying that the two most certain things are death and taxes. Rarely do governments repeal any of the many taxes they impose.

However, a bunch of politicians in Congress and some in the Senate want to "repeal" a certain "tax" as a matter of social justice. This "tax" is the so-called "pink tax."

Because women may pay more on average for certain products and services than men, activists call this extra expense the "pink tax." Congress has proposed the "Pink Tax Repeal Act" for the fifth time! Perhaps they will finally "repeal" the "pink tax."

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey has studies showing female products with higher prices than similar non-female products. Is this because companies like to oppress women and gouge them for more money?

In this episode we look at some products and services to see if there aren't other explanations for why prices can differ.

We observe King Ahab whining that Naboth won't sell him a particular vineyard at the price Ahab offered as a Biblical example for why Christians shouldn't fall for victim mentality schemes like the "pink tax."

The "pink tax" is not a tax, and we don't need a law with chilling effects to "repeal" it.

Sources Cited:

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Scriptures Referenced:

1 Kings 21:5-7

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