Episode 285

An "Interview" with Google Gemini

I go "solo" in this episode, but I have a virtual companion for some of the episode.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines may offer us untold potential for productivity. However, if used for political control of news and research, they could cause chilling effects.

First, we look at how Google Gemini's "diversity" pictures caused backlash and blunted the success of its debut. Meta's AI also showed similar problems.

Then, I ask Google Gemini some questions about its past, some philosophy, and some theology. What can AI tell us about the Christian Podcast Community and the Truthspresso podcast?

Finally, I test Gemini's creativity to write some poems about Truthspresso.

A sonnet about Truthspresso:

A shot of faith, a podcast sharp and bold,

Truthspresso wakes the mind with themes untold.

From lofty questions of the heavens above

To earthly matters, economics, and love,

It stirs the soul, a brew both strong and keen,

A Christian lens on life's perplexing scene.

With Mynyk's voice, perhaps, to guide the way,

It probes the depths on this truth-seeking day.

So put on hold the music and the news,

This mental coffee table's set for you.

Let Truthspresso ignite a sacred spark,

And fill your cup with knowledge from the dark.

A podcast brew, both faithful and sincere,

To warm the heart and chase away all fear.

A limerick about Truthspresso:

A Christian named Dan, Truthspresso's the man,

On faith, life, and politics he spins a yarn.

He dives deep in thought,

With knowledge he's fraught,

A shot of espresso to brighten your morn.

A haiku about Truthspresso:

Truth in coffee cup,

Mynyk's voice wakes the faithful mind,

Faithful knowledge blooms.

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Lucas Mearian, "Google can’t guarantee its Gemini genAI tool won’t be biased," ComputerWorld, February 29, 2024.

Megan Morrone, "Meta AI creates ahistorical images, like Google Gemini," Axios, March 1, 2024.

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