Episode 281

The Alistair Begg Controversy: A Humble Critique

When a distressed woman wrote to Scottish Pastor Alistair Begg about how to handle her son's "transgender wedding," he counseled her to attend it and bring a wedding gift--as long as her son knows that she doesn't affirm this unbiblical relationship.

Over four months after Dr. Begg mentioned this in an interview the Christian sphere on the Internet exploded, calling him to repent. Begg doubled down that his advice was only specific to a difficult situation.

The controversy has recently cost him radio networks and planned speaking engagements in conferences.

While I strongly disagree with Begg's advice and pray that he will reconsider, I also advise fellow Christians not to resort to "cancel culture." As the Apostle Paul says, "Speak the truth in love."

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Scriptures Referenced:

Matthew 19:3-6

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