Episode 231

The Colorado House FLAUNTS Hypocrisy to Pass Radical Abortion Bills

Chelsea and I conclude our coverage of Colorado's three radical pro-abortion bills: SB23-188SB23-189, and SB23-190.

Last week the Colorado House of Representatives debated and rammed through three radical dystopian pro-abortion bills along party lines with no amendments.

In short, the supporters want abortion on-demand at any time in pregnancy for any reason, and abortion providers are a new protected class of citizens virtually above the law. They want "gender-affirming care" and sterilization (yes, that word is in a bill) for anyone of any age without parental consent. They want health insurance providers to pay of all of this without any penalties or additional costs.

They also want us to believe all the non-profit pregnancy centers are the great evil and that giving progesterone to save the lives of babies is "medical fraud."

These bills themselves blatantly contradict each other, and the opposition bravely proved this beyond any doubt. The Colorado House heard untold evil spewed, and a tidal wave of truth crushing every hypocrisy uttered under Denver's golden dome.

Yet, because evil holds the super majority in the House, they could care less! In fact, they had to ram these bills through without amendments! Why? Because the First Lady herself is already scheduled to celebrate the signing ceremony.

Scriptures Referenced:

Psalm 52:3

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